SS4 Gogeta Dragon Ball GT Playmat

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Unleash the unmatched power of this iconic Super Saiyan 4 fusion. Beyond a playmat, it's your gateway to SS4 Gogeta's legendary might. With anti-skid rubber for stability and captivating SS4 Gogeta artwork, this is more than style, it's power. Elevate duels, protect your cards, and enjoy its dual functionality as a sleek mouse pad. Dive into the legendary GT saga with SS4 Gogeta. Seize the fusion and make your gaming truly legendary.

  • Playmat capturing the essence of SS4 Gogeta from Dragon Ball GT.
  • Dimensions: 35" wide x 15" tall x 3mm thickness.
  • Crafted with premium cloth and rubber base for optimal durability and stability.
  • Ensures card protection while providing a unique mouse pad experience for enthusiasts.