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Mona Genshin Impact Playmat

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Embark on a Genshin Impact journey with this Mona-themed playmat, capturing the mystical allure of the Astrologer from the game. Commemorate Mona's enchanting presence and magical moments with an anti-skid rubber base adorned with thematic symbols. The premium textile surface displays captivating Mona artwork, protecting your cards during immersive gaming and serving as an exquisite mouse pad. Elevate your collection with this definitive Mona playmat, celebrating the magical essence of Genshin Impact.

  • Mona-inspired playmat capturing the mystical allure
  • Larger dimensions: 35" wide x 15" tall x 3mm thickness.
  • Smaller dimensions: 24" wide x 14" tall x 3mm thickness.
  • Soft cloth top for precise movements and comfort
  • Rubber base ensures stability during gameplay
  • Transforms into a high-quality mouse pad for digital adventurers.