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MK Gold Holographic T-Shirt

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Introducing the MK Gold Holographic Tee, a shimmering homage to Mortal Kombat's golden era! Crafted with holographic flair and adorned with the iconic MK Gold logo, this tee captures the essence of classic combat in a dazzling display. Ready to step into the arena and showcase your fighting spirit? Wear this radiant tee and make a statement as bold and electrifying as the battles in Mortal Kombat! Stand out with the MK Gold Holographic Tee!

Our new stylish Holographic Tee's are made with

  • 100%  Heavy cotton
  • And absolute TLC

Washing instructions:

Machine or cold delicate wash

Hang dry in order to maintain graphic integrity and longevity

We suggest placing parchment paper over the graphics while ironing out wrinkles.